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World Endometriosis Research Foundation Posts Findings

In July 2013 WERF (the World Endometriosis Research Foundation) questioned a little under 1000 women about their quality of life. These women were from 10 different countries and were all diagnosed with Endometriosis. Additionally, all of the women were being treated; some were in the process of receiving treatment for, and others were simply managing, their Endometriosis symptoms. Here were the findings:

– 51% of the women said Endometriosis affected their work

-50% of the women said their relationships were greatly impacted

-59% of the women had painful periods

-56% of the women reported painful intercourse

-60% of the women reported chronic pelvic pain

These statistics are really sad to read. All of these ladies were being treated, but more than half were still suffering. In my office, my hope is to restore your quality of life. I want you to be able to go to work, have good relationships, have enjoyable intercourse, and feel better overall.   If you are just “dealing” with symptoms, I want to know about it. Even though there is no official “cure” for Endometriosis, we can strive for lifelong management.

For the full article: http://endometriosisfoundation.org/news/article/long-term-effect-on-quality-of-life-due-to-endometriosis/

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