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Will A Hysterectomy Cure Endometriosis?

nurse-surgeon-team-collaboration-surgeryHave you ever read horror stories about women who had their “endometriosis come back” after a total hysterectomy (uterus, ovaries, and cervix removed)?  These women wanted their endometriosis pain gone once and for all, so they underwent a hysterectomy hoping it would cure endometriosis.  Months down the road all their symptoms were back.  Have you encountered these stories online?  Are you wondering if there is any truth?

It’s generally believed that endo implants are formed when some menstrual blood goes the wrong way, comes up through the Fallopian tubes and travels into the pelvic cavity where the endo attaches onto nearby organs.  But if all those organs are removed, how can the endo come back?   If a hysterectomy is performed and any implants are missed, overlooked, or otherwise left behind, they could continue to cause problems even in the absence of reproductive organs.  Unfortunately, without a skilled surgeon, you CAN have a hysterectomy and your endo can come back.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, sloppy surgeries with inexperienced surgeons could create adhesion or bowel issues which can feel like endo all over again.  And if you don’t tackle your estrogen needs immediately after surgery you will begin to experience menopause symptoms (which aren’t typically painful, but symptoms vary and can be quite annoying).

It all comes down to surgeon knowledge, experience, and skill.  When a hysterectomy is performed, the surgeon needs to have a check list of what to look for to maximize success by eliminating ALL endo implants, even the ones hiding in sneaky spots.  Although there is no official way to cure endometriosis, a hysterectomy might be the best route to take.  If you choose this, you should be incredibly picky about your surgeon– experience matters.

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