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Why Postmenopausal Women Aren’t Having/Enjoying Sex

couple-cafe-sixtiesLast month Medscape published study results of postmenopausal women who answered questions regarding sexual activity.  Researchers wanted to know what factors affected sexual enjoyment.  A little more than 24,000 women (average age of 64) completed the baseline questionnaire, and 4,418 comments were analyzed.

Of these women 65% still had a living partner but less than a quarter of them, only 22.5%, were sexually active.  So why were so few women enjoying intercourse?  These were the reasons given:

  • their partner’s medical condition (27%)
  • sexual dysfunction (13.5%)
  • their own physical health (18%)
  • menopausal symptoms (12.5%)
  • prescribed medication affecting libido or sexual activity (7%)
  • low libido (16%)
  • relationship problems (10.5%)


And of of these 4,418 women only….

  • 3% mentioned positive sexual experiences
  • 6% sought medical help for sexual problems


Now, it’s common for ladies to be more tired with age, to encounter other health issues that get in the way of sex, or to take medication that interferes with enjoyment.  But according to these results about 550 women had menopausal symptoms and 700 ladies had low libido getting in the way of sexual activity.  These are not permanent health problems– these are treatable conditions!  A very small dose of safe, natural estrogen could increase libido and desire, and it could increase lubrication making intercourse more comfortable.  The MonaLisa Touch treatment effectively treats symptoms of vaginal atrophy due to menopause, and the treatments last for about a year.

But only 6% were seeking medical help… that’s only 265 women… out of 4,418.  As healthcare professionals we need to be asking our menopausal and postmenopausal patients about their intercourse habits and satisfaction, and we need to be informing them of any treatment options that can improve their quality of life.



Frellick, Marsha.  “Sex May Be Less Satisfying With Age, Too Few Women Seek Help” – Medscape – Jul 12, 2019.  https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/915546#vp_2

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