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Why do PCOD patients gain weight?

Obesity and PCOD

PCOD, otherwise known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease, can cause infertility, oily skin, and weight gain, among other things. Roughly 70% of women that are diagnosed with PCOD are obese and here is why:

Let’s think about PCOD as a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, women will experience irregular cycles and have difficulty getting pregnant. Their pancreas makes insulin that roams the blood, plugs into the insulin receptors, and helps break down carbohydrates and sugars, and everything is fine.

On the other end of the spectrum, women will experience irregular cycles but could also have oily skin, acne, facial hair, and may be overweight. These patients typically have insulin resistance. Their pancreas makes insulin but it has no receptors to plug into causing their carbohydrates and sugars to not be broken down. This causes them to gain weight.

Can it be cured?

PCOD can’t be cured but we can definitely help you manage your symptoms. Give us a call at 530-332-9703 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Davis.

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