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What is Bladder Training?

urine-hatBladder Training is a technique that teaches your bladder to void on a schedule instead of relying on signals from your body.  Women who suffer from Interstitial Cystitis, Overactive Bladder, or other bladder issues may find this technique somewhat helpful.  Bladder training teaches the bladder how to hold more urine before feeling the need to go, and it also teaches you how to sit through the urgency and wait a little longer before you use the restroom– a task that is not very easy.

Before you start Bladder Training it’s a good idea to take a week or so and keep a journal of how many times a day you use the restroom, how much urine is voided, and how many fluids a day you are drinking.  (Although approximations are okay, you may want to buy a “urine hat” for the toilet.)

When you’re ready to begin training your bladder, set up a schedule of what times you’re going to visit the restroom.  Plan your visits far enough apart that it’s a little bit challenging, but not impossible.  Gradually increase the time between visits.  If you find yourself experiencing severe urgency, challenge yourself to wait five minutes before running to the restroom– sometimes a spasm will resolve itself.  Record your results in your journal and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated!  Dehydration makes urine more concentrated– and concentrated urine is more acidic and likely to cause spasms or urgency.  And most of all, focus on the positive.  You’re going to have days where you can’t stick to your schedule, and that’s ok.  Focus on your progress and look at your overall success rate.


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