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What are the AAGL and Minimally-Invasive Surgery?

aagl-logoThe AAGL is an organization that has more than 8,000 members worldwide. The organization, which originally started as the “American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists,” is now known simply as AAGL. The purpose of the organization is to assist physicians in providing the patient with the most advanced, safest, successful, therapeutic, and economical gynecological surgery available.
Studies have shown that minimally-invasive surgeries come with less bleeding, faster healing time, less pain, shorter stays in the hospital (oftentimes going home the same day), and lower risks of infection and scar tissue. Minimally-invasive techniques have smaller incision marks which means smaller and less noticeable scars for the patient.

I have been using minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures for many years in my practice. Whether it’s an endometriosis surgery, an ovary removal, or a hysterectomy, I take pride in my ability to give my patients an easier time than a traditional abdominal surgery would.

AAGL’s website, http://www.aagl.org, is full of information for physicians and surgeons, like live surgical broadcasts and a collection of on-demand surgeries that all show minimally-invasive techniques. A link to their patient-oriented site, “MIS for Women,” is available in the menu.

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