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Warning Signs of PCOS in Teen Girls


teen-girl-acne-half-facePolycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, is a chronic condition that will affect a woman for the entire course of her life (until menopause or removal of ovaries).  Oftentimes we see warning signs in young girls who become diagnosed with PCOS later on in their lives.  The sooner we can get these girls treatment, the better.  Not only will their physical bodies be more balanced and healthy, but early detection can help prevent the additional health issues that PCOS patients are at risk for.  And for young girls, it’s hard enough being a teenager; if we can eliminate some of the cosmetic issues, we could do a lot for self-esteem and make their teenage years more enjoyable.

Here are PCOS warning signs to look out for in young teens:

  • taller and bigger than others
  • very heavy set or overweight for their height (not related to illness, poor diet, or lack of exercise)
  • rapid weight increase
  • very oily skin
  • severe acne
  • hair growth on face or other unwanted areas
  • irregular or absent periods
  • sadness, depression, or isolation related to acne/weight/oily skin/body hair


If you notice these symptoms in your young teen, please call my office and schedule a visit.  I am familiar with which medicines help and which ones to avoid.  The sooner we start treating PCOS, the better.


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