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Not Enough Estrogen; Vaginal Atrophy and How to Fix It

couple-on-couch-with-coffeeEstrogen, as you know from reading my blogs, does wonderful things for a woman.  It’s important for her physical and mental well-being, and it’s necessary for almost every body system.  And as you know, when a woman enters menopause naturally or after hysterectomy, her body’s production of estrogen plummets.  This week we’re going to talk about vaginal atrophy, specifically, how lack of estrogen affects the vagina and what we can do about it.

When a woman enters menopause, the lack of estrogen will likely cause a change in vaginal discharge.  Without enough estrogen, the vaginal wall becomes thin and dry.  It loses lubrication and elasticity.  When this happens, the term for it is “vaginal atrophy” which essentially means the gradual decline and degeneration of cells in the vagina.  In addition to a physical change in vaginal discharge, women oftentimes experience dryness, burning, and/or itching inside the vagina, painful sex, bleeding after sex, more frequent vaginal infections, and more frequent urination.

As we learned in last week’s blog, the vagina constantly sheds cells through discharge to keep itself clean and prevent infection.  However, without enough estrogen, this process of self-cleaning becomes weakened and the vagina is more susceptible to both bacterial and fungal infections.

One of the most simple fixes for vaginal atrophy is to take safe, natural estrogen daily.  It comes in a variety of formats (patches, creams, sprays, etc).  For ladies who cannot or will not take estrogen, we offer MonaLisa Touch Chico.  The simple treatments cause the vaginal tissues to heal and being producing more collagen, elasticity, and blood vessels which will create healthy cells.  The vagina will begin to reestablish its process of healthy discharge, and symptoms will disappear (most women experience significant reduction in symptoms after the first treatment!).


Source:  MonaLisa Touch Chico.  https://www.monalisatouchchico.com/services/vaginal-discharge

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