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Urinary Incontinence– You Don’t Have to Deal With It

girlfriends-walking-wooden-trailHave you ever laughed so hard that you noticed a small amount of urine leakage?  Maybe you sneezed or coughed and had the same issue?  This is something we hear a lot of women complain about.  Most women think it’s just a normal part of getting older, and many women will tell you it’s “just what you get” for having children.  And yes, it’s quite common, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with it.  Urinary incontinence can be treated with medication, but there are other treatments as well.

Urinary incontinence can happen for several reasons, one of the biggest being childbirth.  During a vaginal delivery the pelvic floor (which includes the muscles, nerves, and supportive tissues that hold and control the bladder) can become damaged.  As a result, women may find they aren’t able to “hold it” like they used to, or they may find that a few drops of urine leak out here or there.  Some women don’t notice anything right away–  but as they age, as their estrogen levels drop, they notice symptoms.

Some women will go to their family doctor and get put on bladder medication.  Some women will start taking yoga, pilates, or pelvic floor pilates to strengthen and tone muscles and give their bladder structural support.  Some will choose to begin taking a small amount of estrogen to give their bladder a helping hand.  And some will choose the MonaLisa Touch treatment.  Although MonaLisa Touch is not specifically targeted to help the bladder, ladies who have incontinence issues notice a significant improvement in symptoms after the first treatment alone.  By restoring elasticity, collagen, and increased blood flow to the vaginal wall, we can help the bladder as well!

Urinary incontinence can be treated; you don’t have to suffer through troublesome or embarrassing symptoms.  Call us today– we can help!


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