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MonaLisa Touch; Great for Women with Trouble Absorbing Estrogen

woman-at-desk-writing-smilingIf you have tried different types of estrogen replacement therapies and are still experiencing vaginal dryness, burning, itching, painful intercourse, or urinary frequency, MonaLisa Touch Chico can help.  Sometimes we encounter a patient who has tried to take transdermal estrogen in various formats but has trouble absorbing estrogen.  This woman might have had a hysterectomy and is entering menopause earlier in life than planned, or maybe her hormones are imbalanced due to other issues.  MonaLisa Touch Chico can help restore her vaginal health in three fast, simple, painless appointments, with significant improvement after the first.

Sometimes we encounter a patient who is having a tough time finding the right method of getting replacement estrogen.  Maybe we try the estrogen patches but she has a mild skin reaction and isn’t absorbing the medicine.  So she puts on more patches but that, of course, doesn’t make a difference.  We try the estrogen mist spray, but she notices that she can’t seem to find a place where it absorbs well, either.  So we switch to the gel, but still, same issue as before.  For some reason, her body just doesn’t want to absorb estrogen through the skin.  And so our last resort would be an oral estrogen pill, but she is nervous about taking oral estrogen.  She’s frustrated because she continues to have bothersome symptoms and her quality of life has decreased.

MonaLisa Touch Chico would be a great option for a woman in this same situation.  If you’re having trouble absorbing estrogen and your vaginal health is suffering, consider this new treatment.  It’s fast, easy, and requires no pain medication.  Women are reporting huge increases in quality of life, and they are able to enjoy intercourse again.  If you’re ready for a consultation, call us at 530-270-9627.

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