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Tracking Your Symptoms: A Symptom Diary for Teens

blonde-teen-taking-notesSpecifics about symptoms are incredibly valuable to me and my staff– if you feel like something is wrong start a symptom diary. The timing and grouping of gynecological symptoms can help us point to a specific condition or give us incredible insight into your day-to-day quality of life. The more information you can provide us, the better.

Over the years I have written several blog topics about the importance of keeping a symptom diary.  It’s especially important for teens to track their symptoms because their concerns are oftentimes overlooked or ignored; if they come to a parent or doctor with repeated issues, they are more likely to be taken seriously.

The Endometriosis Foundation of America has put together a paper symptom tracker on their website that you can print out and use; they call it the Personal Pain Profile.  This link takes you to a page with a PDF download with two pages:  Personal Pain Profile.  The first page is an outline of the female body and instructions on how to map pain.  The second is a daily symptom tracker where you check off which symptoms you experienced that day.  Although there are many symptoms of Endometriosis, this tracker has only five:  pain/bloating, heavy bleeding, exhaustion, digestive distress, or medication needed.

I would encourage you to use this sheet for a little while then make your own.  What symptoms do you experience on a regular basis?  What are the biggest issues you have during your period and throughout the month?  Remember to bring your notes with you to your doctor appointment!

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