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Track Your Symptoms And See The Bigger Picture

During appointments with my patients, I typically ask them a series of questions about their symptoms. I find that a lot of women have difficulty remembering specifics about their symptoms, and sometimes specific information makes all the difference in the way I approach their particular health issue. I encourage my patients to track their symptoms – whether an indirect or specific approach.

The patients that have tracked their symptoms begin to see patterns that are associated with the way they live on a day to day basis. For example, if you are experiencing pain in the evenings it may become more apparent that your pain begins immediately after eating a large meal; something you didn’t realize until you began tracking your symptoms.

For our more tech savvy patients, there are many apps you can use on your phone to track your symptoms:

  • Period Tracker (available for Android): Track your periods and record, in detail, how you felt each day to help identify patterns in your cycle. Headache, bloating, backache, light, and heavy flow are just some of the options you can select when tracking.
  • Notes (available for Android and iPhone): There is quite a variety of applications that will allow you to take notes throughout the day on your phone. It looks like an electronic pad of paper and you can freely take notes about your symptoms.

Keep track of your symptoms and bring it to your appointment with Dr. Davis for review!

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