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Tips: How to Find an Endometriosis Specialist

endometriosis-specialist-consultationOur office welcomes women from all over Northern California.  However, if you live out of town it is important that you find an experienced, skilled endometriosis specialist who will be able to help you diagnose, treat, and/or manage your symptoms.   Endometriosis.org has put together a fantastic list of things to consider and questions to ask to help you choose your endometriosis specialist.  We’ve taken that list and modified it a bit.  Our suggestion for finding an endometriosis specialist is don’t be afraid to “interview” your doctor before you agree to care.  Your body is yours to care for, and you get to pick which doctor to see.  Here are some tips for a successful consultation with a physician:


  1. Prepare a list of questions for your first consultation.  Does the doctor answer each one?
  2. Does the physician listen to you and validate your concerns?
  3. Did the physician present you with all the different treatment options or just the one he/she thinks you should do?
  4. Did the physician encourage you to choose your own treatment plan?  Did he or she welcome your spouse or partner to ask questions?
  5. Did you ask the physician about their surgery experience including number of surgeries completed, success rate, how they handle complications, etc?
  6. Is the physician willing to recommend you to other providers (pain specialist, acupuncturist, physical therapist) if he or she feels it is necessary?
  7. What does your gut feeling say about this physician?  Do you feel comfortable?
  8. Is this doctor willing to help treat you long-term?
  9. Does the doctor stay up to date with the latest research?


After talking with a few potential doctors, talk it over with your spouse or close relative and then make your decision on the best endometriosis specialist for you.


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