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Tibial Nerve Therapy for Bladder Issues

The tibial nerve runs from your foot, through your ankle, and all the way up your leg. It branches off the sciatic nerve and is responsible for providing instructions to the lower leg and foot from the brain. Researchers have found that people with bladder dysfunction may be suffering from disruption of nerves and muscles surrounding the bladder. By stimulating the tibial nerve, we can dramatically reduce bladder pain, urgency, and frequency for many of our patients.

Tibial-Nerve-TherapyDuring Tibial Nerve Therapy we insert a small, slim needle electrode near your ankle while you sit comfortably. Using a battery-powered simulator, we send small impulses up the tibial nerve. After we determine the right setting, we leave you to relax or read for approximately thirty minutes. Afterward, the needle is removed and you can go on with your regular day. The procedure needs to be done once a week for twelve weeks. After twelve weeks, we will evaluate your symptoms and your progress.

Tibial Nerve Therapy is minimally invasive and is well tolerated by patients. It does not require pharmaceuticals or bladder instillations, although these may also be suggested by our staff. Ladies usually start seeing improvement after six continuous weeks of therapy; overall success rates are between 60 and 80%.

If you suffer from bladder pain, urgency, and frequency, are always trying to find a bathroom, or are frustrated that your current treatment is not working, ask about Tibial Nerve Therapy.

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