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Testosterone and its role in Women’s Health

Testosterone, although it is usually associated with men and men’s health, plays a crucial role for women, too.  Women produce testosterone in their ovaries and their adrenal glands.  This production begins during puberty, maximizes during childbearing years, and begins declining during menopause.  We all hear how important estrogen is and what happens when estrogen production starts declining; similarly, it is important to have the right amount of testosterone during the different stages of a woman’s life.

Testosterone helps you ladies in a few ways.  First, testosterone helps your bones by maintaining good bone density and strength.  You’ve probably all heard about bone density, bone loss, or osteoporosis.  Keeping up appropriate levels of testosterone might be more important than we once thought.  Additionally, testosterone helps you maintain healthy muscle mass and can help you stay strong.  Next, testosterone helps you maintain energy, a clear mind, and an overall sense of well-being.  But perhaps the most well known is its role in female sexual health.  Testosterone helps libido, sexual satisfaction, increases arousal, and increases sexual desire.

As ladies enter menopause (whether natural or due to surgery in her earlier years), both her estrogen and testosterone levels will decline.  These ladies oftentimes begin to feel more tired, more easily worn out, less interested in intercourse, and feel it more challenging to stay fit.  Oftentimes our office will recommend a small dose of testosterone as part of Hormone Replacement Therapy and overall hormone balancing.  Tackling both estrogen and testosterone issues might be your best bet for overall hormonal health!

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