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Symptoms of Endometriosis and Misdiagnosis

troubled-girl-on-stepsMy patients tell me they see an average of 5-9 doctors before finding me– how frustrating and depressing!  Here are some of their stories (approved for this blog, of course) of Endometriosis misdiagnosis.

We had a patient who had been seen by several doctors and was told she needed to have her appendix taken out. She had pelvic pain, pain on her right side, had nausea and vomiting, and experienced unhealthy weight loss. Luckily she came to my office for a second opinion. I suspected she had Endometriosis. We scheduled surgery and were able to remove endometriosis implants; her appendix, in fact, was in perfect condition.

Another patient went to the doctor complaining of pelvic pain, dull pain in the abdomen, pain with intercourse, chills and aches, and painful urination. The doctor diagnosed her with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and started antibiotics. After the problem did not go away, she found her way to my office and we were able to confirm Endometriosis with laparoscopic surgery and treat her.

A third patient was constantly having problems with digestion and using the bathroom. She would commonly get stomach aches and have dull abdomen pain. Her bowel movements were inconsistent, she would oftentimes have diarrhea or constipation, and sometimes she would experience nausea or pain with intercourse. Symptoms were always worse during menstruation. She was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After years of no improvement, she came to my office for a second opinion, and we were able to help her.  After removing endometrial implants that were pressing against her bowel, her symptoms went away.

Endometriosis is commonly mistaken for other diseases and conditions.  If you’re not getting the right help, come see me.

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