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What Sets MonaLisaTouch Chico Apart From the Rest?

couple-in-park-on-bicyclesOur newest area of service is MonaLisaTouch Chico, and we have talked a lot about it in the last few months.  This wonderful service provides vaginal rejuvenation to a variety of women who experience hormonal issues affecting their vagina, who are in menopause, or ladies who have survived cancer and are looking for non-hormonal vaginal treatment options.  There are several businesses in town that offer laser therapy on the vagina, and today we are going to talk about what sets MonaLisaTouch Chico apart from them.

MonaLisaTouch Therapy can only be used by a gynecologist or urologist.  Dermatologists and plastic surgeons cannot offer MonaLisa Touch’s safe and tested laser in their practice; they will use a different type of laser.  Our treatment consists of three separate treatments spaced six weeks apart; with each treatment the laser reaches deeper tissues than before achieving optimal vaginal restoration (we also treat the outside of the vagina).  Other businesses will just do one treatment and send you on your way– and it will help a little bit, but results will not last long and they won’t be as effective.

In addition, we take into consideration potential issues that are affecting your vaginal health.  We talk about hormones, depression, painful intercourse, cancer, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems, etc.  We want to look at your body as a whole and treat other related issues, not just your vagina.  With that in mind, does a plastic surgeon or dermatologist have the experience to recognize or diagnose different factors affecting your vaginal health?

We want you to have long term success, and this requires a full-body approach to treating vaginal issues.  We have the knowledge, tools, and resources to help restore your vagina and eliminate annoying and painful symptoms.  Give us a call at 530-270-9627.

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