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Sadness and Anger Can Be a Result of Chronic Pain

sad-womanThe women we treat have are experiencing a multitude of symptoms ranging from overactive bladders to painful cysts to hormonal changes and everywhere in between. Some have uncomfortable symptoms that come and go, some require minimal treatment, and some have chronic issues. These ladies not only suffer the physical symptoms of their issues but endure emotional stress as well.

When your body is in pain or suffering uncomfortable symptoms, life becomes more challenging. Work can become more difficult, relationships become strained, and issues that are normally easy to handle become harder to move on from. As symptoms flare up again and again, sadness and anger can become present as well. Why me? Why this disease? What did I do to deserve this? And unlike many well-studied diseases or conditions, the issues we treat are not well understood by the general population and have no cures, only treatments that we hope work on a long-term scale.

It’s important for our patients to have an outlet for their emotions. Whether it’s calling a friend, finding a counselor, or letting off steam at the batting cages, it’s important to experience your feelings and allow them to pass. Having a healthy mind and positive outlook can be just as important as having a healthy body and is vital to your overall well-being.

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