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Reducing Yeast Infection Risk Over the Summer

cotton-panties-laundrySummer is here, and if you’re in Chico that means hot hot hot.  And although that means we get to jump in the pool or go to the river, this is the time of year where yeast infections tend to thrive.  The extra moisture and warmth is just what yeast loves.

Here are some tips to reduce your risk of getting a yeast infection this summer.

#1:  Skip the Satin and Opt For Cotton:  Satin, silk, and lace panties can trap heat and moisture against your skin.  Cotton allows your skin to breathe, which reduces the likelihood of a yeast infection.  If you find yourself sweating heavily, consider bringing a pair of panties with you that you can change into half way through the day.  It sounds silly, but your body will appreciate the dry material.

#2:  Avoid Jeggings & Tights:  Wear loose fitting pants and shorts instead of tight fitting ones.  Like panties, we want to allow air movement.

#3:  Change Out of that Suit:  After swimming, change out of your wet suit into dry clothes within the hour.  If you’ve been exercising or going to the gym, don’t linger in sweaty clothes.

#4:  Buy Summertime Work Out Shorts:  Many work out/running shorts come with built in panties; they are usually made from a breathable fabric that reduces chafing and allows air movement.  This would be a better choice in the summer as tight shorts tend to trap moisture against the skin.

If you are prone to getting yeast infections, take extra precautions.  If you notice internal/external itching or abnormal discharge, consult your doctor, visit our walk-in clinic.  Do not use an over-the-counter remedy if you’ve never had a yeast infection before or if you’re not sure it’s yeast.

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