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Preparing for Laparoscopic Surgery With Dr. Davis

woman-making-listWhen you are ready to commit to surgery, I will have you sign the authorization forms in my office. Don’t worry, we will go over these papers step-by-step together. Afterward, you will need to call the Skyway Surgery Center and make an appointment for surgery. The receptionist or nurse on staff will help you pick an appropriate day. When you make the appointment, you will not be given a time to arrive; however assume it could be as early as 6am.

Some lab work must be completed prior to surgery, at least one week in advance. The lab work consists of blood and urine samples and a pregnancy test.

Please make a list of all the medication you take.  As your surgery day approaches, a nurse from the Skyway Surgery Center will call you for this list along with medical history questions.  Bring your list to your appointment.

The night before surgery take a shower and wash well. The morning of, take another shower. Avoid lotions, makeup, and perfumes. Remember not to eat or drink anything except for any medications we have talked about. Put on comfy clothes, and make sure your pants are stretchy (PJs work well!). Bring your insurance card, ID, payment if necessary, and list of medications with you to the surgery center. Once you get to the surgery center, you will check in, go over some paperwork with the staff, and then be admitted. Once you’re admitted, the staff will take great care of you. I’ve been working with the Skyway Surgery Center for a while now, and we are a great team. You’re in good hands!

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