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Preparing Your Daughter for College Health Care

teen-leaving-for-college-parents-behindThis might seem like kind of an odd blog, but I think it could be helpful.  I’d like to take a moment to talk about preparing your daughter for continued OB/GYN care when she is away at college and doesn’t have access to her home doctor.  Let me explain.

Most of the women we treat are adults.  But over the years I have had my fair share of teenage patients who have had a variety of gynecological complaints:  extremely painful periods, heavy bleeding, absent periods, hormonal imbalances, cysts, etc.  These conditions need continuous care, and these young ladies need a doctor they can trust when they go away to school.

During college, without a specialist, your daughter will probably rely on student health or walk in clinics in her new town.  If she’s lucky, she will get a practitioner who is familiar with gynecological issues and will be able to treat the issue appropriately or provide counsel.  But chances are she will have a general doctor who may not understand the issue completely.  One of my long-time patients, for example, told me that when she was in college she went to a walk-in doctor for debilitating menstrual pain with heavy bleeding.  The doctor told her she must be having a miscarriage and sent her on her way!  Years later under my care, I diagnosed her with Endometriosis.

If you have a daughter going off to college and you know she may need medical care for an ongoing gynecological issue, find a doctor in advance.  If possible, have an office visit or phone call to introduce her as a patient and talk about her needs and current care.  That way she has someone she can trust in case something happens while she’s away from home.


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