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Prelief is Still #1 Dietary Supplement for Reducing Acid in “Trigger” Foods

woman-drinking-beer-wearing-hatOver the years you have heard me talk about Prelief and how much it can help ladies suffering from Interstitial Cystitis.  As you know from my blogs, Interstitial Cystitis is an annoying bladder condition that causes urgency, frequency, and oftentimes painful voiding.  Although an IC flare-up can be caused by irritation due to dehydration or even intercourse, diet is perhaps the biggest trigger.  Ladies who have IC are advised to alter their diet by eliminating acidic foods that are most likely to cause flare-ups until the bladder is healed.

Sometimes grocery stores will carry low-acid versions of the foods you love.  For example, there are low-acid coffees and even low-acid orange juices available at some grocery stores.  But when eliminating acidic foods is not possible (or you are just craving that ice cold beer on a hot day), consider taking Prelief.   This dietary supplement, found over-the-counter at drugstores, reduces up to 95% of the acid found in food.  When you take the appropriate number of Prelief tablets with a trigger food such as orange juice, coffee, tomatoes, or alcohol, the acid in the food is removed.  Your bladder will thank you.

When taking Prelief, which has an active ingredient of calcium glycerophosphate, please note that one to two capsules is usually enough to bring the acid levels down enough for the food to be okay on your bladder– but some (like tomato juice) require three.  Prelief has put a chart in the FAQ section of their website to help you determine how many capsules to take with specific foods until you can determine what works best for you.  You may find that some foods on the chart don’t bother you at all while others are quite troublesome.  Click Here for Their FAQ Page.  Scroll down to the “Acid Reduction” question.


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