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How to Pick a Good Endometriosis Doctor

female-patient-doctor-chatting-happyIf you suffer from symptoms of Endometriosis and are looking for a doctor, it is important that you find a specialist.  It’s surprising how many gynecologists are not familiar with Endometriosis. Oftentimes ladies see multiple doctors before finding the right one; and by that time they have received inaccurate diagnoses, medication that doesn’t work, and have wasted both time and money.

An Endometriosis specialist will understand general gynecological issues, obviously have a thorough knowledge of Endometriosis, but also be familiar with associated issues like Interstitial Cystitis and hormones. If you find a good candidate, ask if he or she has surgical skills and is willing and able to perform surgery on you if needed. Additionally, the specialist you choose needs to stay on top of the most recent research and types of treatment, not be stuck in old ways or use outdated forms of treatment.

If you think you found a good candidate, ask yourself the following questions:

-Did the doctor answer my every question?

-Did he or she rush me through my appointment or make me feel like my concerns were not valid?

-Did I get the feeling that the doctor truly wanted to help me?

-Did the doctor present a treatment plan that addresses all of my issues?

-Does the doctor treat other staff members with respect?

-Is this doctor part of the Endometriosis Association? Is he or she up to date on recent treatments and scientific breakthroughs?

Of course there are many more deciding factors when choosing a doctor, but asking yourself some of these questions is a great place to start. Just remember, you are in charge of your own health! If you are not comfortable, pick a new doctor!

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