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Pfilates and the Pelvic Floor

pevlic-floorThe pelvic floor is a general term to describe all the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and connective tissue in your pelvic area; they support your uterus, bladder, and bowel. The pelvic floor is in charge of making sure the appropriate muscles constrict and relax at the appropriate time, allowing you to urinate, have a bowel movement, or have intercourse.

Pelvic Floor Disorders happen when the pelvic floor is not working properly; these disorders affect many women across the United States and many of our patients. Age, hysterectomy, and multiple child births were once thought to be the biggest contributors of pelvic floor disorders; however, we see plenty of women who don’t fit these descriptions who are having trouble.

Pfilates is a new type of pilates that focuses on helping these women with pelvic floor disorders reduce their symptoms. In pfilates, a simple program containing ten carefully selected movements are presented. Within each movement there are a series of repetitions, holds, and pulses that trigger a pelvic floor contraction. The timing of these contractions is carefully selected to maximize results and improve the function of your pelvic floor.

Pfilates can be used as a preventive measure (keeping your pelvic floor in good shape), or as treatment after diagnosis. Before starting any pfilates program, we advise you to speak with the instructor about any recent surgeries or gynecological issues. It is also recommended to talk with Dr. Davis (or your gynecologist) and get clearance beforehand.

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