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What is the pelvic floor and why is it important?


The pelvic floor is a term to describe the group of muscles in your pelvis that attach to all sides of your pelvic bone. These muscles support all the organs in your pelvis including your uterus, bladder and rectum by wrapping around them and holding them in place kind of like a hammock or a sling. These muscles contract and relax at just the right time to allow you to urinate, have a bowel movement, and engage in intercourse.

If these muscles are too tight or too relaxed, you can be left with unpleasant and oftentimes painful symptoms. If your pelvic floor muscles are not contracting properly, sometimes ladies will experience the following symptoms:


-painful intercourse

-lower back pain

-generalized pelvic pain

-bladder dysfunction (painful urination, frequency, inability to completely void, etc)

-pelvic floor muscle spasms

We are now able to help ladies with pelvic floor disorders using a new type of pilates called pfilates. During pfilates, your instructor will guide you through specific movements to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Oftentimes pfilates can take the place of pharmaceuticals and, in some cases, even prevent more aggressive types of treatment.

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