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Extremely Painful Periods; A Resource for Teens

teenager-lonely-feeling-poorlyBeing a teenager is hard, but when you’re a teenager with gynecological issues like extremely painful periods life can be especially tough.  While all your friends are getting their period but still going to school and still engaging in activities, you can’t get out of bed because it hurts so badly.  While your friends are hanging out and having fun, you are off to the side because your cramps make it hard to do anything.  And your friends might not understand how you’re feeling because for them cramps just aren’t that bad.  It’s hard for people who have mild symptoms to understand what severe ones feel like.

The Endometriosis Founders of America has designated a special page on their official website for teens to go.  It has social media links, an email address for questions, and terminology that is age-appropriate.  There’s two short videos:  one is called “Did You Know Killer Cramps Are Not Normal?” and the other is “What is Endometriosis?”  Each explains in simple terms what is going on inside the body when Endometriosis is present.

If you are a teenager, you might want to have your mom, grandmother, school nurse, or another trusted adult watch these videos with you in case you have questions.  And even though talking about your female parts can be kind of awkward or embarrassing, it’s important that you have those conversations if you are having painful periods or feel like something isn’t right.  Early detection is a lot easier than waiting until the disease has been progressing for years and years.

Click on Endometriosis for Teens to learn more about Endometriosis Founders of America.

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