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Ways to Increase Overall Wellness and Vitality

woman-on-dock-legs-in-waterWe want our patients to experience overall wellness and vitality.  Although we specialize in gynecology, we take a full-body approach to treating you because we understand that “women’s health” is about more than just your uterus working properly.  Women’s Health, to us, encompasses all the things that play a role in your health:  hormones, stress, family, fertility status, relationships, past trauma, exercise habits, happiness, nutrition, fulfillment, mental health, vitamin deficiencies, etc.  The mind and body are intricate systems– everything affects everything else.

Thinking about overall women’s vitality and wellness, in which ways are you thriving, and what areas need work?  Do you need to spend more time alone, or oppositely, become more involved in community?  Do you and your partner need to have more frequent “date nights”?  Do you have a nagging health issue that needs attention?  Do you feel content with your life, or is there something holding you back from your dreams?  Do you need to be more active?  Could you make more of an effort to get better nutrition?

Here are some simple things you can do that may affect your overall wellness:

  • grow food (herbs in the kitchen window is a great starting place)
  • connect with nature (walks in the park, hiking)
  • create a ritual or family tradition
  • participate in community events (farmers market, movie nights, local performances)
  • have “device-free” time each week where the family talks and connects
  • consult a therapist or counselor for unresolved issues in your life
  • do something every day that is just for you (meditation, listen to a favorite song, a neighborhood walk, etc)
  • visit lakes or oceans (they are soothing and relaxing!)


Now that we’ve given you some ideas, what are you going to do to improve to your overall wellness and vitality?


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