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Having an Outlet for Grieving

woman-with-head-down-cryingDenial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance: the textbook stages of grief. When you are given bad news or are facing problems with your health, grieving is a natural process. Whether you find out you need to have surgery, can’t have children, will be taking a medication for life, or must have a hysterectomy, the news can hit hard. Different people will respond to this news in different ways, and nobody processes feelings the same way. However, all people need to eventually get to a point where they accept things and move forward. For some, it will be relatively easy, but others will have a more challenging time.

If you are having a rough time, involve others in your recovery. Talk to our staff and let us know you’re having problems coping. See what Dr. Davis thinks– you could be having a hormonal imbalance, your medication could need adjusting, or you really might just need someone to talk to. Go to lunch with a girlfriend, set up a weekly appointment with a counselor or family member to talk about how you feel, or vent some anger at the batting cages. If you are artistically inclined, paint your anger, or write a poem about your sadness. These suggestions can help you work through your feelings instead of letting them become overwhelming.

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