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Obtaining Your Medical Records From Feather River Hospital

All my patients should have received a letter in the mail announcing my separation from Feather River Women’s Health in Chico, CA and the subsequent closure of the business.  If you didn’t know this change was coming, I bet it was quite a shock to read!  But don’t worry– I will continue serving the women of our community.  I will be taking a few of my long-time staff members with me and joining with Mangrove Medical Group as Mangrove Women’s Health.  Our office will be in the old Stifel Nicolaus building (with the large clock tower) near Bidwell Perk coffee shop in Chico (this is also the location of MonaLisa Touch Chico).  We are still in the process of moving and are not yet open.  Our new address will be 1058 Mangrove Avenue Suite #2.

If you are planning on booking a future appointment with me at my new practice, you will need to have Feather River Hospital release your medical records to you.  You will need to call the number provided on the letter (or stop by) and follow their directions.  There will most likely be a form you fill out, you will need to specify what records you want, how you want them delivered, and you will most likely need to provide ID.  If you are not local you can also mail in a written request for medical records– they will advise what information they need.  In California, the health provider must provide you the copy of your medical records within 15-30 days of receiving the written request** taking into consideration mailing time if you choose to have the documents delivered.  You can then bring this folder of papers to me at my new practice when we next see you, or you can take them with you to another doctor of your choice.  California law states that medical providers may charge you for this service.


**Medical Board of California Website:  http://www.mbc.ca.gov/Consumers/Access_Records.aspx

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