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Nausea, Vomiting, or Weight Loss with Endometriosis

business-woman-nauseaWomen with Endometriosis suffer from a variety of symptoms.  Severe pain is usually the biggest complaint and is usually the one that sends women to their doctors for help.  But today I’d like to talk today about nausea, vomiting, and/or weight loss.  An episode of nausea here or there does not usually require a doctor’s care– but when it is unexplained, causes you to lose weight, or comes with pelvic pain, abdominal pain, pain with intercourse, or other classic symptoms of Endometriosis, it needs attention.

The nausea associated with Endometriosis could be caused by extreme pain, hormone fluctuations, or the presence of one or many endometrial implants.  As nausea persists, women may find that they are eating less often, eating less at each meal, only sticking to certain bland foods, or vomiting throughout the day.  When this happens it can lead to malnutrition, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, fatigue, poor concentration, and unhealthy weight loss.  This can make patients feel even worse and make it even harder to get through the days.

Losing weight because you can’t eat much is not healthy for anyone, regardless of their size.  And it can be very uncomfortable when people notice the weight loss or comment on it because they might tell you “great job” or “you look great” but are unaware it is only the negative result of feeling sick all the time.

If this blog sounds like your life, I recommend two things:  the first is to make a gameplan for getting appropriate nutrition into your body.  You might want to make an appointment with a nutritionist or dietitian.  The next thing is to make an appointment with me.  By addressing Endometriosis, we can eliminate your nausea and get your health back on track.







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