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Appointments: What to Expect With MonaLisaTouch Chico

young-woman-doctor-consultation-hand-shoulderWhen you contact MonaLisa Touch Chico, we will be making several appointments together.  This is a general guide of what to expect.

Visit #1:  Consultation.  During this appointment we talk about if MonaLisa Touch is right for you.  We go over health history, current health, other gynecological issues, and conduct an exam.  We answer all your questions and make sure this is the best choice for you.

Visit #2:  The First Treatment.  During this appointment we insert the fractional CO2 laser into your vagina and deliver the first set of energy “pulses.”  If you experience vaginal dryness you may find the insertion mildly uncomfortable, but the procedure is not painful, nor does it require anesthesia or pain medication.  It only takes about 5 minutes while we use the laser on both the inside and outside of the vagina.

Visit #3:  The Second Treatment, 6 Weeks Later.  By this appointment most patients are already experiencing relief from symptoms.  This treatment is able to reach deeper tissues for more healing in the same five minute session as before.

Visit #4:  The Third Treatment, 6 Weeks Later.  By now most patients are feeling pretty great.  But we do a third round of treatment to ensure your symptom relief lasts as long as possible.  Again, only five minutes and no pain.  This visit is considered the end of your treatment.

Visit #5:  “Maintenance” Appointment, Approximately A Year Later:  Symptom relief with MonaLisa Touch does not last forever.  You will likely need one additional appointment approximately a year later to continue experiencing the amazing benefits.  This maintenance appointment is not included with your MonaLisa Touch package price and is purchased separately.


Give us a call at 530-270-9627.  We’re ready to schedule your consultation!

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