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MonaLisa Touch Chico Can Help Restore Sexuality After Cancer

couple-snuggling-by-fire-intimacyThere are many women right here in our community who could benefit from MonaLisa Touch treatments.  Today I want to focus on the women who have battled cancer, have gone through cancer treatments/surgeries/chemotherapy, and have found their sexuality suffering from the side effects.  Our treatment can help women restore sexuality after cancer by healing their vagina.

When it comes to cancer diagnosis and treatment, the obvious goal is to eradicate the cancer and prevent it from coming back.  If chemotherapy or other treatments are successful, that’s terrific, but the effects on the body, especially the vagina, can be devastating.  The reproductive organs shut down.  The vagina becomes dry and painful.  Symptoms of menopause begin to show up.  And a lot of times, not only is the physical body affected, but women begin to feel badly toward their bodies and their physical appearance.  Many have lost their hair, had one or both breasts removed, or have had a hysterectomy.  The things that women feel define them as women are disappearing— and now on top of that their vagina is constantly dry and it hurts to be intimate with their husband or partner.

MonaLisa Touch Chico is an amazing tool to help women restore their sexuality after cancer if they’ve gone through chemotherapy or had other cancer treatments or surgeries.  It can help restore the vagina by increasing blood flow, elasticity, and collagen production.  Without the use of hormones or medication, MonaLisa Touch will heal the vagina– and three treatments will last about a year!  MonaLisa Touch has been able to help women battling cancer restore some of their sexuality that has been lost to treatment, giving them something to feel good about.  Call us today.

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