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How to Treat Vaginal Atrophy Caused by Low Estrogen

smiling-fifties-womanWhat is Vaginitis?  Vaginitis is a medical term for mild-to-severe inflammation or irritation of the vagina.  It can be caused by a reaction to an irritant, like the lubrication on a condom or perfumed feminine hygiene products, and can clear up on its own.  Sometimes vaginitis needs to be treated by a doctor, like when it’s caused by a yeast infection, bacterial infection, or from the sexually transmitted infection trichomoniasis.

What is Atrophic Vaginitis (Vaginal Atrophy)?  Whereas some types of vaginitis are caused by bacteria or other infection, this is a different type of vaginitis caused mainly by low estrogen.  It produces irritation like itching, burning, and painful inflammation, but there’s usually no abnormal discharge.  Sometimes women may notice a lack of discharge.  Oftentimes women think they’re getting a yeast infection and treat with over the counter products, which, of course, don’t help.

How Can We Treat Vaginal Atrophy?  Because vaginal atrophy is not caused by a bacteria, infection, or yeast, there isn’t a simple medication for it.  Our goal would be to solve the underlying issue such as prescribing replacement estrogen.

How can MonaLisa Touch Chico Help with Vaginal Atrophy?  Our CO2 laser encourages the vagina to heal by producing more elastin, collagen, and blood vessels.  The vaginal walls become thicker, begin producing lubrication, and begin healing after the very first treatment.  We recommend three treatments for longer-lasting results, and most women will notice an immediate reduction in vaginal atrophy symptoms after the first.

Does MonaLisa Touch Treat Bacterial or Yeast Infections?  This procedure will not treat or cure a current yeast or bacterial infection.  However, women may notice they are less likely to get future infections because their vagina is in an overall healthier state.

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