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MonaLisa Touch Chico May Provide Symptom Relief for IC Patients

young-woman-smiling-meeting-pink-tankInterstitial Cystitis is a complex condition with no cure.  Anyone who suffers from this condition understands how truly frustrating it is; constant trips to the bathroom, incessant worrying about accidents or being unable to find a restroom in time, rearranging your life in order to accommodate your bladder, being unable to experience “normal” things like a cup of coffee or even intercourse without having a flare-up.  We are happy to be able to provide a variety of treatment methods for our patients, but none are considered permanent solutions.  Our best bet in treating IC is to avoid triggers while we heal the bladder and then do what we can to prevent future flare-ups.

We currently have many treatment methods available– but it usually takes several different methods to put the bladder into a state of healing.  These treatment methods include daily medication, use of Prelief supplement, dietary changes, Elmiron treatment (also known as bladder instillation), and tibial nerve therapy.  We also recommend complimentary or alternative treatments like Pfilates (pelvic floor pilates) to help strengthen the pelvic muscles.  Over the many years we’ve provided treatment for Interstitial Cystitis, we have found that there is no “normal” treatment plan; we have to customize it based on what works and what doesn’t for each patient.

We have recently found that MonaLisa Touch Chico treatments may be an alternative way to treat Interstitial Cystitis.  MonaLisa Touch’s CO2 laser targets the vaginal tissues and restores elasticity, blood vessels, and collagen.  But “as the new structures develop, [the surrounding] tissues regain strength and tone” (MonaLisaTouch Chico website).  This means that even though we’re targeting the vagina, the healing spreads to nearby locations.  Even though MonaLisa Touch Chico targets the vagina, those with Interstitial Cystitis may find this helps them in a way other treatments might not be able to.


Source:  Mona Lisa Touch Chico; Interstitial Cystitis.  https://www.monalisatouchchico.com/services/interstitial-cystitis

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