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Measuring your Urine Output

cc-measuring-cupIf you come to our office suffering from bladder discomfort, bladder pain, trouble voiding, urinary frequency, or urinary urgency, we may ask you to record how many times you use the bathroom per day. Also, we will have you measure how much you void each time. Don’t worry, this is way easier (and cleaner) than you might think! Knowing these numbers can help us determine just how irritated your bladder is.

In order to do this you will receive a Voiding Diary Recording Sheet and a “hat” that rests on the toilet seat and easily fits in your toilet. After filling the “hat” you just look and see what line the urine crosses and record how full it is. The numbers are easy to read, and you don’t have to move the hat until you’re ready to dump it into the toilet. At the end of the day you add up how many ccs of urine you voided and write the total for the day.

A woman who has a healthy bladder should be able to hold approximately 300 ccs of urine before feeling any urgency to go. If a woman has extreme urgency but only voids 150 or 200 ccs, we know the bladder is highly irritated and requires treatment.

As we treat your bladder with either dietary changes, Elmiron, bladder instillations, or the Tibial Nerve Therapy, we may ask you to continue recording your urine output to track your progress and healing. Sometimes we can treat you based on symptoms alone, but oftentimes the diaries are a great helping hand.

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