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Is MonaLisa Touch Safe for Younger Women (20s-40s)?

group-of-women-various-agesIf you follow our blog posts, you probably know by now that MonaLisa Touch is designed to drastically reduce or eliminate the painful and annoying symptoms of menopause.  Vaginal atrophy symptoms like dryness, burning, itching, painful intercourse, and even urinary issues like frequency and urgency are reduced after just the first of three treatments!  But because menopause usually occurs somewhere in a woman’s fifties, you may be wondering if MonaLisa Touch is safe for younger women.

MonaLisa Touch is completely safe for women who are in their twenties, thirties, and forties, too; it’s not just for women experiencing natural menopause.  In fact, any woman who has experienced a loss of estrogen and is suffering menopausal symptoms can benefit from MonaLisa Touch.  As many of our patients know, menopause doesn’t always happen “naturally.”  Some women might have experienced early ovarian failure, others may have entered “surgical menopause” after one or both ovaries were removed, or after a complete hysterectomy.  And some women just don’t make enough estrogen because of certain genetic diseases or due to treatment of a serious illness, like breast cancer.

There are many reasons why younger women find themselves with low levels of estrogen.  And for some women we can give them a little bit of natural estrogen and they’ll do great.  But many women, especially cancer survivors, cannot safely take hormones, and the MonaLisa Touch treatments could greatly improve their quality of life.

Adult women of all ages can benefit from MonaLisa Touch.  Don’t wait until you’re in your fifties or sixties to seek help– effective treatment for vaginal dryness and painful intercourse is available, and after the initial three treatments (which only take five minutes) you only need to come in once a year for a “touch-up.”

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