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The Role of Inflammation in Endometriosis

medical-lecture-male-speakerInflammation has become a hot topic in the medical world.  We know that inflammation is a normal response to injury and is necessary for healing, but inflammation can also play a role in a variety of chronic issues.  Thinking about endometriosis, what role does inflammation play?

Last month the Endometriosis Association of America hosted its annual conference.  Its purpose was to discuss the various ways inflammation plays a role in the severity of Endometriosis.  Why do some women get very mild forms that never come back?  Why do some women get such invasive endometriosis that it requires multiple surgeries?  Why do some women get endometriosis that spreads to nearby organs or into their bowel?  Could the level of inflammation in the body be to blame?

Each speaker’s talk is available on the EndoFound website as a video.  They are interesting, but most are quite technical and difficult to follow.  Jennifer Knudtson’s talk on “The Role of Inflammation” discusses how inflammation plays a role in the development of endometriosis and suggests that with further research, we could eventually treat women by targeting the inflammation.

This poses some questions:  What if excess inflammation in the body is the cause of recurring endometriosis in the body?  And what if there was a way to measure inflammation within the body and predict which women will get more severe forms of endometriosis?  It will be interesting to see how the role of inflammation in Endometriosis will continue to be researched and explored in the following years.  Hopefully new options for treatment are in our future.



Endometriosis Foundation of America.  “2019: Targeting Inflammation:  From Biomarkers to Precision Surgery.”  https://www.endofound.org/medicalconference/2019

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