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Incontinence Can Be Treated with Exercise!

pfilates_treatmentDr. Davis is excited to offer pelvic floor Pilates, pronounced Pfilates (pronounced “fa-lä-teez”). It is a system of exercises that promotes the strengthening of the pelvic floor to aid in recovering or enhancing pelvic floor strength, essential for normal bladder and sexual function. The lack of bladder control is actually a fitness issue.

This fascinating principle is that if women do Pfilates exercises on a regular basis to strengthen the pelvic floor and actually get tested to find which specific muscles to use in these Pfilates exercises, they can have the same success rate of 85% with alleviating pelvic floor incontinence without the side effects of surgery. The fun part of this is that women also develop, in addition to control of their bladder, stronger inner thighs, lower abs and buttocks, and a stronger core. Not only do we offer specific testing to find the right exercise for you, but we offer classes in Pfilates that are available for all age groups five days a week.

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