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The Importance of a Pelvic Exam with Ultrasound


During a typical annual pelvic exam, a gynecologist will check your overall pelvic health. He or she will look at external and internal organs checking for any abnormalities, and complete a pap smear (taking a small sample for testing). At your request, STD tests may be included. The doctor will also put two fingers inside your vagina while pushing on your abdomen checking for tenderness or pain. (A breast exam is done at this time to check for any abnormalities.) An annual pelvic exam is an important part of a woman’s health and should not be skipped; these exams can catch disease in its early stages and find small problems before they become bigger problems.

Ultrasounds, although not included with a typical annual exam, are also an important way to diagnose problems early on. Whereas a pelvic exam looks into the vagina, an ultrasound can see the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and nearby organs. Dr. Davis uses an ultrasound to check for abnormalities such as cysts, fibroids, or enlarged organs, which cannot be looked at during an ordinary pelvic exam.

If you are having abnormal pelvic pain, it is important to speak to your gynecologist and ask for an ultrasound. Although it cannot detect everything, it provides an important look into your gynecological health and is an incredibly useful tool for any doctor. If a problem is found, a treatment plan can immediately be put into place before the problem becomes exacerbated.

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