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Is your Doctor a Great Doctor?

great-doctor-example-photoWhen you’re looking for a great doctor, it’s important to make the right choice.  Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, “Having a great doctor is important– make sure you find the right one!”  But how do you know if your doctor is “good” or “bad”?  Isn’t it just about fixing the problem or getting the symptoms to go away?

How doctors choose to conduct their business and their bedside manner can vary.  A bad doctor may fix the issue, but the patient feels like they weren’t heard, respected, or part of the decision making process.  They may have been rushed into a decision or felt pressured.  A good doctor listens, explains, supports, encourages, and asks questions.  A good doctor aims to relieve symptoms, heal the root problem (if possible), and/or provides information how to maintain a chronic condition.

Mangrove Women’s Health IS that comfortable, trusted place you’ve been looking for.  I have been working in the Chico area since 1992, and although my business has moved and changed over the years, I have consistently provided women a safe space to receive care.  My staff and I do things a little differently.  Our consultation appointments are usually an hour long (yes, an hour!) where you have plenty of time to explain your symptoms, ask questions, and think about the next step.  Gynecology can be quite involved, and we need to look at your body as a whole instead of just analyzing reproductive organs.  In addition, we welcome partners and spouses– we want your support system to understand what’s going on, too!  Even our physical office is different– it’s painted, decorated, and has nice furniture– kind of stylish instead of the boring white walls you’re used to!

If you’re looking for trusted care with a great doctor, Mangrove Women’s Health is your solution.  Make an appointment or drop by our walk-in clinic hours from 9am-noon.






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