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How can MonaLisa Touch Improve the Lives of Women?

loving-couple-restored-joyWhat happens when vaginal atrophy symptoms due to menopause are significantly reduced or disappear completely?  Sure, lubrication is restored and the vaginal tissues are healed, but I’m looking for more.  What happens for women when these symptoms go away?  How can MonaLisa Touch improve the lives of women, not just improve the condition of their vagina?

Without urinary urgency or frequency…. women spend less time consumed with symptoms or worrying about trips to the bathroom and spend more time living.  Your sister can make it through a movie without up and running to the restroom.  Your mother can go for a long walk or bicycle ride through the park without worrying about an accident.  When you’re not worried about the nearest restroom, the world gets a little bit bigger.

Without vaginal dryness… women can enjoy intercourse once again!  These ladies may have abstained from intercourse due to discomfort.  Now they can add sex back into their marriage or relationship!

Without painful intercourse… relationships are improved!  Many marriages and partnerships fall apart without a healthy sexual component.  If sex is comfortable and enjoyable once again, both people benefit.  (We’ve had husbands call to thank us!)

Without vaginal atrophy symptoms caused by low estrogen… ladies have a more optimistic outlook on life, higher self-confidence, and experience overall improved quality-of-life.  (It’s important to remember that MonaLisa Touch is not a replacement for estrogen– it will not treat hot flashes, night sweats, mood disturbances, etc.  It only treats the vaginal atrophy portion of menopause due to low estrogen.)

Our MonaLisa Touch Chico package includes a consultation, three separate 5-minute treatments spaced six weeks apart, and then one treatment about a year later.  Afterward, you only need to come back once a year to keep vaginal atrophy symptoms due to low estrogen away.


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