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Helping Women with Endometriosis, A Collaborative Effort is Needed

team-effort-collaborationDespite growing popularity in the news, media, and better familiarity by doctors, Endometriosis continues to be a chronic health issue for millions of women in the United States and worldwide.  Nobody used to know what it was– patients were shuffled from doctor to doctor and nobody had any answers.  Nowadays, patients might hear their doctor say, “Yes, I’ve heard of Endometriosis” but oftentimes they are unsure what to do next.  Is this progress?  Yes.  Is it great progress?  No.  Do we still need to fight to get women the help they deserve?  You bet.

Here are some ways we can improve and move forward (and yes, some are easier than others):

  • – more/better cost-efficient testing and treatments
  • – improvements in pain management
  • – increased education/familiarity during medical school
  • – classify different forms of Endometriosis to individualize treatment and therapy
  • – more skilled surgeons for endo removal, less incidence of adhesion or other avoidable surgical issues, this includes better training
  • – redefining Endometriosis to broaden its strictly-anatomical definition
  • – increasing doctor awareness of endo symptoms beginning in adolescence
  • – increase media attention and focus
  • – a push for early diagnosis, before the symptoms become severe
  • – increased research with DNA and environmental factors
  • – making this condition a public health priority, improving outcomes
  • – truly listen to women’s complaints, take their pain seriously
  • – improve pre-surgical diagnosis
  • – improve collaborations between doctors, practitioners, surgeons, to create an Endometriosis support team
  • – more funding for research


As you can see, there are many ways we can improve.  We have the power to change women’s lives, to minimize their suffering and help them achieve a good quality of life.  We could eliminate years of pain for these women who are shuffled from doctor to doctor without answers.  We need to come together as a community of doctors, patients, and practitioners with a common goal.


Source:  “What Needs to be Done for Women with Endometriosis.”  Endometriosis.org.  October 18, 2017.  http://endometriosis.org/news/general/what-needs-to-be-done-for-women-with-endometriosis/

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