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How to Help Friends Understand Endometriosis

close-friends-talkingThere’s a really great article on Endometriosis.org about helping friends and family understand what you’re going through. Regardless of whatever gynecological issue you are facing, having the support of loved ones is important. But oftentimes friends just don’t really get it. The article says, “When medical problems cause dramatic changes in our lives, our friendships often go through dramatic transitions as well.” Oftentimes friends are just unsure of what to do, what to say, or how to act. They might become over-protective reminding you to go to appointments and offering to do every little thing for you, treating you like you are incapable. Other friends might become scared and will withdraw completely, leaving you feeling ignored or abandoned.

The article suggests a few ways to help friends understand. 1) Talk openly with your friends about your Endometriosis and how it affects you. 2) Tell them how having Endometriosis changes your life. 3) Tell them what you are and aren’t able to do.

Additionally, give your friends the opportunity to ask questions and share their concerns about you and about Endometriosis. Your friends will most likely appreciate your honesty and will be relieved to be able to share their feelings, too.

For the full article, visit: http://endometriosis.org/resources/articles/when-others-dont-understand/

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