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What Are Your Health Goals for 2019?

young-woman-making-appointmentThe holidays are over and a new year is upon us.  And the new year is always the most popular time for people to start thinking about those resolutions or that list of unfinished tasks from last year, or maybe to consider making that long overdue health appointment.  Unfortunately during the holidays it’s common for people, especially women, to ignore symptoms because there are already too many seasonal demands.  But it’s a new year and it’s time for you to take some time and think about your own health.

What are your health goals for 2019?  What symptoms are bothering you throughout the day, maybe just once in a while, or keeping you up every night?  Are you suffering from just occasional symptoms?  Maybe you notice the same types of symptoms creating a pattern around your menstrual cycle.  Or maybe you are in menopause and are really struggling with frequent and worsening symptoms?

Whatever the issue is, we are here to help.  We have a knowledgeable, dedicated staff that is capable of addressing a variety of gynecological issues.  We can help figure out the cause of pelvic pain, we can diagnose and treat hormonal imbalances, we can perform pelvic exams and ultrasounds to check for abnormalities.  We also are certified to perform MonaLisa Touch, a safe and painless laser therapy for ladies experiencing certain vaginal discomforts.  (We began treating ladies in 2018, and the results are fantastic.)

Our new, comfortable, stylish office is located at 1058 Mangrove Avenue Suite #2 in Chico, California.  The phone number for Mona Lisa Touch is 530-270-9627 (appointments) | 530-592-5903 (general inquiries).  Mangrove Women’s Health can be reached at 530-345-0064 Extension 281.



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