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Good Gut Bacteria– How Can a Healthy Diet Help our Bodies?

fermented-foods-good-gut-bacteriaIn recent years promoting good, healthy, bacteria has become increasingly popular.  Probiotics are everywhere you look and whole sections are devoted to them in drugstores.  A healthy, flourishing collection of gut bacteria is being hailed as the regulator of the digestive track, immune system, and scientists are discovering that their role in the human body is more important than we could have ever thought.

If you skim around the internet you will find a variety of articles and published studies.  Although it appears scientists are really on to something, it could be years before we truly understand how the friendly bacteria in our stomach and intestines play a larger role in overall health and chronic illness.  Could it be that people who get chronically ill have different bacteria?   Will we one day be able to prevent disease by focusing on our friendly bacteria levels?  It will be interesting to read case studies over the next decade and see if we can further help our patients through dietary measures as another means to improve gynecological health.

What can you do for your body right now?  It is always a good idea to change your diet for the better– increasing hydration, eliminating harmful ingredients, and choosing meals that focus on whole foods instead of processed foods can only be beneficial.  In addition, there are many doctors and dietitians who would suggest implementing fermented or probiotic foods into your meals like kefir, yogurt, tempeh, kombucha, or sauerkraut to get that healthy gut bacteria flourishing.

We encourage our patients to lead overall healthy lives and look forward to seeing where the study of our healthy bacteria leads over the next decade.


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