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Mangrove Women’s Health; Expertise in Gynecology

blonde-inviting-gynecologistThe body is a complex place, and when something is “off” or needs attention you want to make sure you’re seeing the correct doctor to treat the problem.  You wouldn’t go to a cardiologist for a broken foot, and you shouldn’t go to a podiatrist if you’re having chest pain.  But sometimes, especially when the pelvic area is involved, you’re not exactly sure who to call or where to go.  Oftentimes issues that show up in this general area are challenging to solve without the help of someone who really understands the female body.  This is where our expertise in gynecology comes in.

Over the years we have seen thousands of patients.  Many did not land in our office on the first try– they were shuffled from doctor to doctor with strange symptoms and few answers.  Some were told their pain was because they needed their appendix out.  Others were told they had digestive issues and were sent for an endoscopy.  And others were handed prescriptions for NSAIDs and a “good luck.”

Our team here at Mangrove Women’s Health is known for accurately finding the source of your pelvic issues.  We can do a vaginal ultrasound right in the office and search for fibroids, ovarian cysts, or many other abnormalities that cause a wide range of symptoms.  Or if you are just having odd symptoms we can help narrow it down– for example if you have painful bowel movements whenever your period comes around, we know that you might very well have endometriosis located right up against your colon.

Because we have helped thousands of women over the years, we have seen endometriosis present itself in many different ways.  We know what to look for and we know the right questions to ask.  Our expertise in gynecology will help you receive prompt care.

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