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Prescribing Estrogen: A Custom Tailored Plan Based on YOU

happy-young-womanThere are many reasons why we are prescribing estrogen to women.  She may be approaching menopause or perimenopause, find herself with symptoms of low estrogen, or she may be countering the effects of another medication.  She may have had a hysterectomy or ovary removal (oophorectomy) or her ovaries may have stopped producing necessary amounts of estrogen.  Whatever the case, prescribing estrogen can be life changing.

There are many different forms of estrogen available on the market, and there are a handful we recommend.  We prescribe only safe, bio-identical, natural forms of estrogen and it comes in many forms:  pill, patch, creme, gel, or spray in a variety of brand names.  Using synthetic forms of estrogen (man-made ingredients) is not recommended.  If you are taking a synthetic version of estrogen we can help you make the transition to natural!

When it comes to prescribing estrogen to my patients, we have to custom tailor a plan for you– a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work.  We can look at estradiol levels and get a sense of “normal” or “abnormal” levels, but you are unique and different from the next patient.  You might have the exact same symptoms as another patient, but your estrogen needs may very well be incredibly different.  Perhaps she needs one spray or pump of estrogen gel per day, but you need double to achieve the same results.

If you’re finding that the amount you’re taking isn’t quite right, making small adjustments is easy and safe to do.  My more “experienced” patients can adjust their dose if they’re feeling symptomatic; however, if you are new to estrogen let us help you adjust your dose.

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