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Endometriosis; October 2016 Cosmopolitan Magazine

girl-reading-magazine-on-couchThe October 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine featured an article on Endometriosis.  The article features three women (Carly, Laura, and Cassidy) who went from doctor to doctor being misdiagnosed (like many of you) until ending up in the care of an Endometriosis specialist.  Each young lady is now being treated and is seemingly hopeful about the future.

Carly was told that her anxiety was out of control and that she had “bad periods.”  Luckily, a nurse on campus recognized her symptoms as abnormal and referred her to an Endometriosis doctor.  She is currently on a path to restore quality of life.  Laura had extreme heavy bleeding, heartburn, indigestion, painful urination, painful bowel movements, and was told she most likely had Irritable Bowel Syndrome with hypochondria.  Luckily she finally found herself in the care of an Endo specialist who has worked with her through multiple surgeries to remove all the damage.  In Cassidy’s case, she had irregular periods that were so painful she needed a cane to help her walk.  Nobody believed she could be in THAT much pain from her period.  Eventually she was diagnosed with both Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis and has since seen an 85% reduction in pain after receiving help.

Each of these cases seem severe, but this is the story with so many of my patients– their symptoms are invalidated by doctors who give them the “yeah, yeah, you are having cramps” talk.  Oftentimes ladies will see between 5 and 9 different doctors and specialists before ending up in my office where they can finally be heard and have their pain validated.

Thank you to Cosmopolitan Magazine for raising Endometriosis Awareness!  To read the full article click the link: Endometriosis Article in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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