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Endometriosis: Myth vs. Fact


Myth 1: Pain is just part of having your period.

FACT: It is normal for women to have discomfort and mild pain with ovulation or menstruation. It is not, however, normal for a woman to have extreme pain, heavy and lengthy bleeding, or feel so unwell that she calls in sick to work or takes a day off from school. Don’t suffer in silence, call our office and let us help you!

Myth 2: Birth control will make endometriosis worse.

FACT: Birth control can actually help make your periods shorter, lighter, or eliminate them all together. The balanced level of hormones in oral pills can oftentimes keep endometrioses at bay. The Mirena IUD keeps the lining of your uterus thin and can help prevent the formation of implants. Let us help determine the best choice for you.

Myth 3: Endometriosis is caused from poor lifestyle choices.

FACT: Researchers and doctors believe Endometriosis is caused by a combination of genetics and hormonal imbalances; many also believe environmental toxins play a role. You cannot control the genetics you were born with, you can only control if and when you decide to get treatment.

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