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Endometriosis: Myth vs. Fact Part 2


Myth 4: Having a baby will make my endometriosis/fibroids/adenomyosis better.

FACT: Pregnancy is not a cure for any of the conditions we treat. The absence of the menstrual cycle while pregnant may eliminate painful menstrual symptoms, which might feel like a temporary cure. Unfortunately, symptoms are likely to resurface.

Myth 5: Teenagers are too young to have Endometriosis.

FACT: Some studies say that most women are diagnosed with Endometriosis in their twenties. Unfortunately, many of these ladies had heavy, painful periods during their teenage years and went diagnosed for many years. Researchers now realize that Endometriosis can affect women of all ages.

Myth 6: Severity of symptoms will always match severity of disease.

FACT: Gynecological issues manifest differently with each woman. Oftentimes patients with similar diagnosis may have completely different symptoms. For example, with Endometriosis, one patient may have just one endometrial implant causing severe pain with intercourse and nausea whereas the other patient may have multiple endometrial implants but not nearly as much pain. Depending on the condition, a pelvic exam, ultrasound, or laparoscopic surgery is the only way to confirm the severity of the disease.


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